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🦋 Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long term results 🦋

January 2016-GCR Repty-Rehabilitation Centre 🇵🇱
Right (weaker) arm movements – first active excercises
Left (stronger) arm movements – first active excercises
Sitting in a chair for an hour most days, to increase sitting tolerance. I was counting down the minutes 👀🤦🏻‍♀️ it was so uncomfortable 😣. We found this piece of wooden board to put on the wheelchair so I could rest the arms and keep the fingers straightened 👐🏼
Leg exercising lying in bed 🛌 first time moving legs actively out to the sides and back in. Our makeshift arrangement to rest legs and make this type of exercise possible. Very weakened leg muscles, as visible in the photo from being bed bound and doing only passive exercises for the past 3 months (October until December 2015).
Actively bending my left (stronger) leg. They had me on anti-spasticity and relaxant drugs, so my muscle tone was much lower, not stopping the leg from bending up. It was always easier to straighten my legs than bring them up…nature of this kind of injury.
And the best “little” improvement that took place there, apart from getting my voice back was this 👇
One day I was on my own in the room for awhile and this happened! 😱🙉🤗 I lifted my left arm! Just for a second, but it was a start of becoming unlocked 🔐🔓💪. First time I was able to do it, caught on video. Still null by mouth 😶 4 months since my brain stem stroke.

🦋 Let the improvement of yourself make you so busy that you have no time to criticise others…🦋

2 thoughts on “Video Blog 1️⃣

  1. Believing I can’t is the limitation we add on what we can. Dedication, hope, an strong-headedness allows one to achieve the lostt battles. You are rocking your journey to recoveru#proud of a wonder woman like you.

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