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No comment needed 👈😶 👉🗣

🦋 The worst thing about a disability is that people see it before they see you… Remember that disability is just an inability to see ability 🦋

Intensive Care Unit-Żywiec 🇵🇱

The first video I watched in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was the video of Kate ☝️. Mr P played it for me, gluing his phone using just tape, to some kind of monitor above my head, that could be pulled in front of me 👀, so I had a good view. I don’t exactly remember which video it was, as there’s so many on her YouTube channel, but that’s not important, my mum introduced me to her brain injury before playing the video. When they pressed play ▶️, I saw this woman, standing on stage, waving her hands and looking like nothing ever happened -giving a speech 🗣🤩🙉 wow, I thought… I couldn’t picture her, laying in an ICU bed back in 2010, locked inside this lifeless body, like I was at the time. Just seemed impossible! Kate suffered the same type of brain stem stroke as me back in 2010, also leaving her with Locked-in syndrome (LIS). Today she’s a public speaker, visiting and motivating survivors, walking and even running again. The first book read to me in ICU was written by her-called “Running Free”. Seeing the videos and hearing her story was the first time I thought 💭…okay it’s possible to recover from this brain injury. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I was clueless about this injury, as well as the situation I was in. Before then I had very mixed feelings, but it definitely opens your eyes wide when you can see someone that was in the same situation as you, and then post recovery. Months later, when I was finally able to use my left arm, I researched Kate online, and I couldn’t believe the photos and videos I saw of her before versus post recovery 😲🤩! Made me feel very positive and hopeful. I encourage you to check out her YouTube channel-very interesting!

Feels like I’ve written this 👇 (paragraph from Kate’s book). I was literally feeling the same 🙄, word by word. Buried alive! 😶

GCR Repty Rehabilitation Centre-January 2016 🇵🇱

One early morning in January, just a few days after becoming unlocked, my dad changed my shower to a day earlier than my usual routine -I had no idea why, neither did I have any suspicion about what was going to happen the next day. I was just lying in bed, clueless, suddenly the door to my room opens, and I see Kate Allat, approaching me with a BIG smile on her face. It was so unexpected, and I was very emotional meeting her-I cried like a baby 😭. That day she spent around 4-5 hours by my bedside, telling me about her experiences, and written down advice. I remember we’ve made a plan about getting rid of my catheter, she advised me on how to practice controlling my bladder, before taking it out. She was surprised that I was breaking out from locked-in syndrome, already making sounds and trying to create some sentences. She signed ✍ my copy of her book before leaving. This happened just hours ago after 👇 Kate mentioned this in her speech (also attached below 👇 From 4:30 onwards-“My Life Without Limits”)

My right weaker hand -turning over and closing fingers improved overnight 👍✋✊💪

March 2017-Ireland 🇮🇪

Kate visited again in March 2017, while on her trip to Ireland to give a speech at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). That weekend she stayed at my house with me and my parents. We chatted, done some therapy-while she guided me, and recorded the exercises 🎬🎥. I’ll share the videos she took 👇 and that was 3 years ago 🙉🙈…WOW! 😱😮. Of course after the hard work, we all had some drinks and chats 🥰🍷! It was a great weekend-Amazing to spend some quality time with someone who REALLY UNDERSTANDS! A fellow stroke survivor, who was through it, and most importantly looking at her walk, sit independently, talk, lift a glass etc. 👣👌💪 a proof that nothing is impossible...It’s worth mentioning that Kate was initially told that she’d never talk or walk again! Well she is a public speaker 👏. I’m still in touch with her today, and I really recommend watching her videos and reading her book. She inspired many people, and keeps doing that today…something I hope to do in the future 🤗💁🏻‍♀️.

Here are the videos Kate recorded back in 2017 👇🏋️‍♀️
So we went smaller… 😂🙉🥝👇

My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you from doing well, and don’t regret things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit, as well as physically”

Stephen Hawking

Kate started this #StillMe campaign through Facebook, so stroke survivors could post their pictures post injury with an attached hashtag saying “StillMe”, proving that no matter the circumstances and extense of the injury they’re still the same on the inside. It’s what on the inside that really counts! Hope Unlocked Brainstem Stroke Locked In Syndrome-is the Facebook page that Kate created, so survivors, families, anyone affected, or working with a person affected by a brain injury or locked in syndrome can become a member of. It’s amazing that through it we can all communicate and connect. Share experiences and advice 👌 #StillMe

🦋 Greatness is inspiring others to be their best. Always be there for others. Always inspire them with your dreams and hopes, visions and mission, attitude and aptitude. When you do some good work, and if it inspires others, then you have just created the ripple effect 🦋

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One of the motivational videos I received from Kate 💪💕

🦋 Donations 🦋

I’m fundraising for lokomat therapy, which I’m now doing 3 times per week 💪👣. Thank you all in advance for supporting me and my creative work! 💕 Klaudia🤗🦋


Update on what I’m doing now 👇🤗 Intensive Lokomat Therapy 👣💪
Lokomat therapy- August 2020 👣💪

6 thoughts on “@Kate Allatt

  1. Beautiful read my friend. A beautiful tribute to our warrior friend Kate. What an honor to have her close to help inspire her in your beautifully evolving journey. I love this. ♥️

    Keep sharing my friend, the world needs to hear our voices to see what’s possible. 🦋


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  2. My goodness Klaudia, i only found out a few days ago about what had happened to you,
    I have read all your blog, you have come such a long way from where you were
    I am sure you will be 100% very soon.
    Keep Strong.

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  3. Your journey inspires me and I know you will be doing inspirational speaking or such like before long. People need people like you. I still think your Dad is the best motivator and physiotherapist. xxxx

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