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Back in my country 🇵🇱, a nursing home is a place for old people that either want to go there, or don’t have any other choice. I never thought I would end up here, even as an old person I wouldn’t want to. It was a nightmare 😩. Life can change just like that, with a click of a finger. I went from this active, happy, independent young girl 💁🏻‍♀️ to a wheelchair bound nursing home resident🤦🏻‍♀️😱. I led a busy life, with a full time job, volleyball trainings and matches, juggling family, friends & boyfriend. I absolutely loved socialising and going out, my friends and family would describe me as “the life of a party”. Always first on the dance floor 💃, up for trying new things, never really home 🤷🏻‍♀️…from all that to a nursing home at the age of JUST 25 (at the time) 🤦🏻‍♀️ that’s a definition of a life-changing event! But I’m way past the point of wondering why me? what if? or what would my life look like if this never happened, because there really is no point. It happened and I cannot change that, so I accepted it and I’m just going to keep fighting to get back up on my feet 👊💪👣.

Admission-7th of March 2017 🇮🇪

I remember this day very clearly. I was transferring to yet another new place, scared, nervous 😥, not knowing what to expect… In Ireland, there’s nowhere to go after being a patient at the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH), only a nursing home. Very sad, but that’s the reality for people like me, who sustained a brain injury and of course need further rehabilitation, as well as a full-time care. I was really lucky to get a place in Orwell 🍀, when you enter the building straight away you can see that it’s a top class nursing home. Well, maybe for older people who are looking for a long term stay and care. It’s very cosy looking, filled with antiques, giving you the WOW 🤩 effect as you enter. But it was still just a nursing home for me, so all the visual attributes didn’t really have much effect on me. I was only 24, turning 25 in just a few weeks, so definitely being admitted there didn’t excite me. On the contrary, I was wondering when I would leave the place…would you blame me? 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

My parents were with me that day, along with Mr P (it was lucky that he was back home for his leave for a few days at the same time as the transfer). I had extra support from them, and thanks to that I felt a little calmer that day. It was actually the last time we met as a couple. The next time we met, when he returned home for good 2 months later was when our 4 year long story ended, and we decided to go our separate ways 💔. I won’t lie, it was a very tough time for me🥺, especially given the circumstances, but I thought to myself🤔 that I already went through so much at that stage, that I’d be okay…I just needed time. When one door closes, another opens 🔓… There’s a reason for everything that happens to us in life, especially the people that cross our path, and I can see this so clearly now.

There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life somehow, or you’re the one that will change theirs.

🦋 Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together 🦋

When we entered we were all wowed by the interior 🤩, antiques everywhere, modern but classy and warm. I finally arrived at my floor-The Brain Injury Ward. I was very lucky, as there’s no such other place dedicated to brain injuries. It’s still a nursing home, just this specific floor has fewer patients and Physiotherapy is prioritised. I was first welcomed in the living room (common area), where I was introduced to the nurse and careers on duty. I remember talking to Monika first (she was so pleasant, also Polish) 🇵🇱🥰. Made me feel somehow more comfortable. I chatted to her and she was asking me what I liked eating etc. That was first surprise, where I actually had choices and could choose my meal times 🙌. I was then brought to my room. Big, spacious with my own bathroom and tv on the wall, some difference to NRH-I thought. I finally had my own room and privacy, where no one would wake me up shouting at 7am 😣. I met my physiotherapist Mr K, and we made a physio plan. I was really scared and nervous about staying there the first night. Everything and everyone was so new! 😱 in my head I only had a thought that my family will soon leave to go and get on with their lives… I was just wondering when, and if I’d ever leave this place?! 😩

This was the start of yet another chapter on my journey…🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

I realise this post is kind of depressing, how can you see positives and keep going? 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄 Somehow I did 👊, I never gave up and stayed strong🤗. I kept myself going, holding onto hope 🍀. I never lost that 🍀. I fed myself constantly with stories of my fellow stroke survivors, videos, books, as well as any positive quotes and motivational videos. Before I end writing this post I have to leave you with a positive quote, as I promised this would be a very positive space, and I feel that after reading all of the above, it needs an energy shift 🙄🙉😂, so I seeked Google’s help 😜🤷🏻‍♀️. I literally typed “most positive quotes” into the search bar and this one caught my eye 👇🤗 I’m going to leave you with this, short & simple. There’s nothing better or quicker than a good quote to shift the energy and change the mood!

🦋 Be the energy you want to attract. Be the reason someone smiles today. 🦋


🚨 Please Help 🚨

Lastly my friend is climbing Kilimanjaro🏔🧗🏽 in February, in order to fundraise for the poor and vulnerable. Now, more than ever they need our help! Perhaps that can be your good deed for the day? Remember “be the reason someone smiles today”😊. I’d really appreciate if you could spare a moment, donate & share 😇🙏 Thank you! (link attached below) 👇👇👇


🚨 NEWS 🚨

My fellow stroke survivor Brisa Alfaro (I mentioned her in my previous posts) just published her book last week, about her journey to recovery. I started reading and already am loving it! 🥰🤓 Really recommend to anyone! 👇👇👇#PinkyMoves

🦋 Donations 🦋

I’m fundraising for lokomat therapy, which I’m now doing 3 times per week 💪👣. Thank you all in advance for supporting me and my creative work! 💕 Klaudia🤗🦋


🦋 Happiness is one thing that multiplies when you share it 🦋

Happy Sunday 🤗🦋!

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2 thoughts on “Orwell Private

  1. My friend you inspire me every time I read your writing! You have the most beautiful giving and inspirational soul. ♥️ I am so proud to call you my friend. Keep climbing beautiful, I KNOW that you will make it to the top. 🥰🙏

    Also thank you for sharing my book…. see what I mean??? You’re so sweet, selfless and caring. ♥️ I honor you my friend. ♥️



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