WEEK 4 #IronMonth

I’m so grateful to all the people I know and don’t know, who got involved and helped me to promote the challenge as well as the fundraiser for the month of May. I couldn’t do it without you ALL‼️ Thank you so much to my family, friends, and everyone else for all the support and encouragement. For donating, sharing, cheering me on, etc. 🙏🏼😇🦋
#grateful #blessed #SharingIsCaring #LeaveNooneBehind

Monday 24th – Monday 31st of May

Monday 24th of May

Walk 👣

Distance: 2️⃣km and 3️⃣m

Tuesday 25th of May

Walk 👣

Distance: 2️⃣km and 1️⃣1️⃣m

Wednesday 26th of May

Plinth workout 🏋🏻‍♀️: stretching, upper&lower limbs exercises, sitting balance and some standing

Duration: 1️⃣hr

Thursday 27th of May


Distance: 2️⃣km and 2️⃣6️⃣m

Friday 28th of May

Walk 👣

Distance: 2️⃣km and 1️⃣1️⃣9️⃣m

Monday 31st of May

Walk 👣

Distance: 2️⃣km and 2️⃣2️⃣m


👣 = 1️⃣0️⃣k and 1️⃣8️⃣1️⃣m


Walking Days = 1️⃣6️⃣

Time = ~1️⃣6️⃣hrs

Distance = 3️⃣2️⃣k and 6️⃣9️⃣5️⃣m

👣Steps👣 = 4️⃣7️⃣,5️⃣0️⃣8️⃣

You can still DONATE and/or SHARE on my behalf using the link below 👇🏼. Only a few hours left so let’s give it an extra push‼️ Again a HUGE Thank You 🙏🏼 to everyone who participated, donated, shared, helped… Welldone! 👏🏼💪🏼🤗 The fundraiser reached nearly €20k, to be completely honest I believe it will reach the target by tomorrow 🎯🤞🏼☺️, and that’s a brilliant result for the first Iron Month Challenge organised. Next year we’re going worldwide 😍! Even though it already reached Dominican Republic this week 🇩🇴!!! 😜 (thanks Ala 💜)

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

A special thanks to my dad (he’s the definition of a HERO🦸🏻‍♂️), who made it possible for me to participate in the challenge. Driving me, cooking for me, taking videos/pictures on top of working! 👩‍❤️‍👨❤️ I Love You!

Fundraiser Link


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